Government Of God

Since the beginning of time, a system has kept this world in motion. And it is not a rudimentary system by any means. It's a well-thought-out plan—perfected by a master craftsman. The laws and statutes of this system govern the whole cosmos and its most sophisticated creation – Man. There was, however, a catch: Things would be perfect, but only as long as every component of the system worked according to plan. Unfortunately, though, it did not. God trusted man to uphold the system, but man failed God. And a perfect system went haywire. 

Are we then condemned to eternal damnation? Can the system ever be repaired? Can things ever go back to the way they were supposed to be? The answer is “Yes!” It can be done. And we've got help at hand. God has a plan to redeem mankind. All we are required to do is fall in line and follow His commands and statutes. These laws and edicts constitute The Government of God. And this Government holds a promise for each one of us. It shines like a beacon, promising to light up every aspect of our lives, be it family, health, wealth, interpersonal relationships, career or social status.